Why Junk Food Should Be Banned

Published: 2021-07-01 03:45:42
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Emily McLaughlin Ban Junk Food! DID YOU KNOW junk food has been linked to obesity, diabetes, and even cancer? Sure, junk food is totally yummy, but it is definitely not good for us or for the children in this country. Junk food also makes the quality of life worse. It makes you tired, and it can make you very unhealthy. There is a law going through congress right now about banning junk food in schools, and before you state your opinion, please open up your mind to see how junk food is affecting the quality of life in this country.
One factor that affects the quality of life are the various diseases that affect the people in this country. 24-28% of Children in America are overweight, with 16% of them being obese. I believe that a lot of these problems could be solved if the lunches at school are healthier. These lunches at school would teach children how to put together nutritious lunches and/or snacks. Of course we cannot control what students eat outside of school, but I truly believe that once they see how great they feel after eating a healthy meal they will want to eat better at home, too.
Not only do diseases affect the quality of life, but so does your energy level. Don’t you feel more energized after you eat a healthy meal? Sometimes you feel like you can conquer anything. A Journal of American Public Health Association study concluded that children who ate healthy had significantly higher math scores than kids who didn’t. If children ate a healthy lunch, and had a test after, I guarantee you they’d do better on it because they would feel more awake and energized. The test scores in America would show an increase and our students would have more confidence.

Along with diseases and energy level, your health affects your quality of life. In an AARP study people said that the key to happiness was health and family. When you’re healthy, you’re happy. Eating right can change how you view yourself and it gives you the energy to make other changes in your life, too. It’s important to eat right, but it’s also very important to teach the children in this country how to eat right, too. I know there are many people that oppose my view on this ban, but do they really realize what junk food can do to someone’s body?
I can name five things that junk food does to your body. Number one: Junk food can make wrinkles appear earlier than they actually should! Number two: Bloating! Ladies, don’t we just hate that? Number three: Heartburn. Number four: Mood swings. Number five: Junk food can cause headaches. These are just a few of the things that junk food can do to you. I hope I have enlightened you. Before you vote on this law remember that junk food causes various diseases, makes energy levels go down, and causes moods to drop. Remember to vote YES to banning junk food in schools.

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