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Published: 2021-07-01 04:04:02
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Teaching practicum is portion of the instructor readying programme. Every pupil instructors needs to undergo learning practicum in order to finish their instruction classs so as University of Malaya TESL ( Teaching English as 2nd linguistic communication ) undergraduates. University of Malaya TESL undergraduates need to travel for learning practicum during their 4th twelvemonth in order to finish their class, Bachelor in Education ( TESL ) in University of Malaya.
No uncertainty learning practicum is an of import constituent in teacher instruction programmes. It is because learning practicum is a existent challenge for the pupil instructors where they need to use the theories that they have learnt in the schoolroom. The term pattern learning embracings all the learning experiences of pupil instructors in schools ( Ashraf, 1999 ) . The term pattern instruction has three major intensions: the practicing of learning accomplishments and acquisition of the function of a instructor ; the whole scope of experiences that pupils go through in schools ; and the practical facets of the class as distinguishable from theoretical surveies ( Stones and Morris, 1977 ) . During the instruction practicum, pupil instructors are able to derive experience of learning in the schoolroom and learn to develop teacher-like personalities. At the same clip, they will be exposed to school civilization and learn to map as a member of a school staff beyond schoolroom instruction ( Laila Hairani, 1996 ) . Besides that, learning practicum besides provides great chance to get downing instructors to go socialised into the profession ( Furlong, 1988 ) . Student instructors ' public presentation during their instruction pattern will bode and foretell the hereafter success of the instructor.

This survey aims to happen out University of Malaya TESL undergraduates ' beliefs about learning practicum. Beliefs considered as an of import psychological concept to teacher instruction ( Pintrich, 1990 ) . When pupil teachers come to university or travel for learning practicum, they bring many beliefs about learning. These beliefs may ensue from their experiences as a pupil in their schooling period. Furthermore, pupil instructors ' experiences in the university through the methodological analysis categories, simulated learning for TESL, and other relevant activities will besides act upon the development of pupils ' beliefs about learning practicum.
The bing beliefs of pupil instructors should be considered in the instructor instruction programme as these beliefs interact with their acquisition procedure ( Esen Uzuntiryaki, 2007 ) . Namely, such beliefs would act upon pupil instructors to construe and analyze the pedagogical cognition, conceptualisation of learning undertakings, their instruction determinations and their schoolroom pattern ( King, Shumow & A ; Lietz, 2001 ; Pajares, 1992 ) . Therefore, throughout the instructor instruction programme, it is really of import for the lectors to place pupil instructors ' beliefs about learning practicum before they go for existent instruction and promote them to reflect upon these beliefs ( Esen Uzuntiryaki, 2007 ; Mellado, 1998 ; Southerland & A ; Gess-Newsome, 1999 ) . If lectors understand and know pupil instructors ' beliefs about instruction, lectors would hold different outlooks from them. Besides, it would besides be a great chance for lectors to assist pupil instructors to determine their positions about instructor functions. This may decidedly act upon the manner pupil instructors receive and procedure cognition, recognise and accept values and develop and heighten accomplishments needed for effectual instruction ( Clarita M. de Leon-Carillo, 2007 ) .
In short, every pupil will convey their ain positions and outlook on learning when they come ining a instructor instruction programme. This paper will be discoursing University of Malaya TESL undergraduates ' beliefs about learning practicum.
Background of the survey
The debut of the instructor instruction system was due to the recommendation made by Wolley Committee in 1980. It is formed to fix instructors for school. Harmonizing to the surveies, the schools were undergoing rapid growing in the early nineteenth century ; hence, it needed a big Numberss of instructors that clip. For that ground, different programmes or teacher preparation establishments existed to develop instructor of authorities schools, government-assisted schools and even common schools. There were three chief teacher developing establishments:
Non-graduate establishments which include the assorted instructor preparation colleges and centres
Teachers ' colleges and centres administered by the Ministry of Education are non afflicted to any university. The Ministry of Education is responsible for ordering classs for surveies and attesting successful campaigners in a centrally-controlled scrutiny. The scrutiny boards, nevertheless, are composed of representatives from different colleges. The instructors colleges offer biennial full-time class. A three-year class was provided from 1956 to 1968 for pupils who possessed merely three old ages of secondary school makings.
Graduate teacher preparation establishments, viz. , University of Malaya Faculty of Education, University Sains Malaysia Centre for Educational Studies and University Kebangsaan Department of Education
The alumnus instructor preparation establishments administered by the universities enjoy a big step of liberty though they depend upon the Ministry of Education for fiscal support. One of the alumnus instructor preparation establishments, University of Malaya has embarked on a series of experiments in teacher instruction and modified the instructor instruction classs to carry through its function as a beginning of supply of alumnus instructors. For illustration, from the 1971/72 Sessionss, the Diploma of Education Course has modified and consisted of the undermentioned: Foundations of Education ( 5 units ) , Methodology of learning ( 2 units ) and Teaching pattern ( 3 units ) .
In-service instructor preparation programmes
Harmonizing to Francis ( 1972 ) , during the British disposal small attending was paid to preparation of instructors. When Peninsular Malaysia became independent in 1957, upgrading the quality of instructors became the precedence of the Ministry of Education. The types of classs presently available may be divided into four major groups:
initial instructor preparation classs held during holidaies for impermanent untrained instructors
auxiliary full-time classs for trained instructor
full-time and holiday classs for trained instructors to utilize Malay as the medium of direction and to learn English as 2nd linguistic communication
holiday classs for the upgrading of qualified instructors in the assorted subjects.
No affair what establishments you were traveling, learning practicum is one of the classs that you need to undergo in order to graduate from the establishment to go a instructor. Teacher Training Division of the Ministry of Education Malaysia regarded the instruction pattern as a series of practical and systematic school experiences to assist pupil instructors to go professional in their instruction calling ( Malaysia Education Ministry, 1990 ) . The pupils ' learning field experience is an indispensable constituent of larning to learn and supervising dramas an of import function ( Zahorik, 1988 ) .
Harmonizing to the National Education Philosophy Malaysia, `` instruction in Malaysia is an ongoing attempt towards further developing the potency of persons in a holostic and incorporate mode, so as to bring forth persons who are intelectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically balanced and harmonic, based on a steadfast belief in and devotedness to God. Such an attempt is designed to bring forth Malayan citizens who are knowing and competent, who possess high moral criterions and who are responsible and capable of accomplishing high degree of personal wellbeing every bit good as being able to lend to the harmoniousness and improvement of the household, the society and the state at big '' .
Over a century ago the laminitiss of normal schools introduce learning pattern as an built-in portion of the course of study for the prospective simple school instructor. During this century learning pattern in secondary schools became a standard portion of the professional course of study in all types of colleges and universities. Since 1969, the instruction pattern agreements at the Faculty of Education, University of Malaya have undergone some extremist alterations in order to run into student instructors ' demands every bit good as to run into the National Education Philosophy Malaysia. Today, pupils are paired harmonizing to their first method option. During the instruction pattern, the pupil instructor conducts schoolroom lessons and performs the responsibilities of a instructor in school. Furthermore, this period of practical experience, pupil instructors will be guided and supervised by supervisors and co-operative instructors in the school.
The instructor preparation division introduced the clinical supervising theoretical account ( Goldhammer, 1966 ) for all the instructor preparation colleges or universities in Malaya from June to October 1989. This theoretical account focuses on the integrating of planning, observation, rating and analysis of lessons. The pupil instructors ' schoolroom public presentation is observed, recorded, analysed and paid attending to the content and method facets of lesson execution. Each supervisor will do a reappraisal and measure pupil instructors ' public presentation in term of strengths and failings in instruction and to concentrate on countries for attending and betterment. The supervisor plays an of import function in learning pattern as they need to steer and confer with the peculiar pupil instructors based on their public presentation.
Bachelor of Education:
Teaching as 2nd linguistic communication ( TESL ) programme offered through University of Malaya
Teaching as 2nd linguistic communication ( TESL ) is a four twelvemonth class. Students who undergo and specialize in TESL class will larn and get the hang patterns in instruction of English as 2nd linguistic communication. They will be trained for callings as English linguistic communication instructors. The module of instruction of University Malaya will set up the classs which heavy focal point on applied and theoretical linguistic, instructors ' cultural, specialisation in learning methodological analysis and techniques, every bit good as programmes that prepare pupil instructors for the doctorial work in the subjects.
In order to finish the grade, undergraduates need to carry through the class demand. The undermentioned tabular array is the illustration of class construction for the unmarried man of instruction ( get downing admittance session 2007/08 ) that undergraduates are required to carry through during the four old ages class.
Form the tabular arraies, the mean recognition hours for each topic in each class is about three recognition hours. However, learning practicum consists of eight hr for itself entirely. It tells us that learning practicum plays an of import function in the whole instruction programme. Teaching pattern is normally implemented during the concluding stage of the instructor instruction programme. It is because the aim of practicum is to guarantee that pupil instructors get accomplishments, cognition, attitude and the values throughout the classs that are required by every professional instructor. The major accent of the instruction pattern is on learning and see both in and out of the schoolroom and development of appropriate personality traits of a instructor. Teaching practicum is a critical constituent of Teacher Education Programme. If pupils instructors had a incorrect beliefs about learning practicum, and they will decidedly neglect to get the hang learning methodological analysis, learning cultural and some other accomplishments provided by the university. Besides that, they will besides confront troubles during learning practicum. The pupil instructors would endure when they go for learning pattern when they are in the concluding degree.
In a nutshell, each and every instruction institute is making their best to supply the most suited classs in order to bring forth a professional instructor in the hereafter. However, one 's beliefs will easy impact one 's larning attitude every bit good as one 's learning presentation no affair during the learning procedure or in the hereafter. Therefore, besides supplying the good classs, the university besides needs to take pupils ' beliefs into history so that the governments and the lectors could learn and leave the right instruction beliefs about learning practicum to the pupil. For case, the university can concentrate more on the Doctrine of Education to assist pupils to see better the nature of a human existences every bit good as the nature of larning manner. If the university understands what the pupil instructors ' concerns are and what are the beliefs that inhibit them from larning and execute better during microteaching, the university can easy set the classs to accommodate the pupils ' demands and fix the pupils to the instruction practicum.
Statement of the job
Teaching Practicum is by and large recognized both within and outside Malaysia that most pupils `` are fierce in asseverating that learning pattern is one of the most valuable and one of the worst conducted parts of preparation '' ( Francis & A ; Paul, 1973 ) . Why Francis & A ; Paul described learning practicum as the worst conducted parts of preparation? It is because pupil instructors have to play two functions at the same clip which are a scholar and a co-teacher. Student instructors are expected to show what they have possess the cognition and accomplishments through teacher instruction classs ; viz. planning, developing the lesson, pass oning, pull offing the schoolroom and besides measuring the pupils. Besides that, they are besides expected to follow professional attitude to their work as a co-teacher.
There are several topics provided in teacher instruction classs, while learning practicum is one country in which the instructor preparation colleges and the universities portion many common jobs. One of the jobs is that pupil instructors may keep deeply to their beliefs about learning practicum indirectly affect their public presentation in learning during learning practicum or even in their hereafter learning calling. As we know, whenever pupils were to larn a new topic or to expose to a more ambitious cognition, they will keep to their beliefs in order to do themselves comfy to the state of affairs. However, pupil may hold some mistaken thoughts about the peculiar topics, so as the pupil instructors. Some of the pupil instructors may transport a positive and right belief about teacher practicum while some may non. This affair is really of import because wrong scholar beliefs will negatively impact their presentation every bit good as their public presentation in category. Student instructors may non portray themselves absolutely as a professional instructor when they hold wrong beliefs about instruction.
This paper is to look into TESL undergraduates ' beliefs about learning practicum after they have undergone several programmes provided by Faculty of Education, University of Malaya. It is to see if they have common beliefs about learning practicum and it would anticipate if the pupil instructors held a correct or wrong belief about learning practicum. Many pupil instructors ' beliefs about school come from their experiences as pupils. They have formed feelings about themselves and their abilities, about the nature of cognition, and about how 'learning ' takes topographic point. So, this paper would reexamine and foreground on TESL undergraduates ' beliefs about learning practicum on two major constituents, viz. the anterior to learning practicum and schoolroom direction.
Aims of the survey
The aims of the survey are listed below:
To depict the University of Malaya TESL undergraduates ' anterior beliefs about learning practicum.
To research and place the constituents of the teacher instruction plan that help to construct their beliefs about learning practicum.
Research Questions
For the intent of this survey, relevant informations are required to reply the undermentioned inquiries:
What are the University of Malaya TESL undergraduates ' anterior beliefs about learning practicum?
What are the constituents of the teacher instruction plan that help to construct pupil instructors ' beliefs about learning practicum?
Definition of cardinal footings
There are different ways to depict beliefs. H.A. Hodges said `` belief is a moral act for which the truster is to be held responsible '' , while Frank Pajares explained it as
`` aˆ¦ Defining beliefs is at best a game of participants ' pick. They travel in camouflage and frequently under alias-attitudes, values, judgements, maxims, political orientation, perceptual experiences, personal theories, internal mental procedure, constructs, action schemes, regulations of pattern, practical rules, positions, repertories of apprehension, and societal scheme.
The significance of practicum in this context is a specialised field of survey that is designed to give pupils supervised practical application of antecedently studied theory after undergo class in school or college.
Teaching Practicum
Teaching Practicum is the last of the series of pedagogical classs. A pupil instructor is asked to learn under the supervising of a certified instructor in order to measure up for a grade in instruction. Student instructors use this chance to execute instruction theory and to widen their practical experiences.
Student Teacher
Student instructor is synonymous with the term trainee instructor. Student instructor is a selected campaigner who has been enrolled for the instructor instruction programme class and is under the counsel of an university supervisor and other forces involved in the supervisory undertaking.
1.6 Significance of the survey
This survey aims to garner and analyze relevant informations which will supply the necessary information so that a description of the beliefs about learning practicum of TESL undergraduates of University of Malaya can be obtained.
The focal point of the job of the survey is to place what the University of Malaya TESL undergraduates ' beliefs about learning practicum are. The consequence of the information analysis would so assist us every bit good as other pedagogues to organize a better understanding towards pupil instructors ' beliefs about instruction and besides learning practicum. We may place if the pupil instructors have carried a incorrect belief about learning practicum all the clip. It will non merely profit the pedagogues, but the pupils will understand better about themselves and acknowledge which is the right or incorrect belief they have.
Many argue that wrong pupil instructors ' beliefs would negatively impact their teaching attitude. Through the survey, the findings would give each pedagogue a great chance to alter and modified the instruction system and organize a footing for suggesting a better programme for pupils to determine their position of instructors ' function. Furthermore, pedagogues may make a better environment every bit good as learning course of study to fix the pupil instructors to learn efficaciously and leave them the passion of instruction.
Last but non least, placing fluctuation of pupils ' beliefs may besides increase pupils ' degree of assurance. Once pupils have their ain beliefs, they would non happen instruction is a hard undertaking. Through the survey, we can besides see what pupil instructors have prepared for learning practicum. Subsequently the pupils would see beliefs as a chief beginning that would impact personal development and the acquisition and learning procedure.
1.7 Restrictions of the survey
The restriction to this research is that it is done merely questionnaires. Although it is good and proved method of making research through the aggregation of informations, it is still restricted to certain types of inquiries. In add-on, there are a few of survey sing beliefs about learning practicum in Malaysia context.
Besides that, this research is limited to 40 undergraduates of University of Malaya merely. While the findings of the survey can be used for pulling decisions about the beliefs about learning practicum of this university, they can non needfully be generalise to other university undergraduates. In add-on, the Numberss of undergraduates who participate in this research do non stand for a complete probe of all the undergraduates in this university nor other universities.
Pintrich, P. R. ( 1990 ) . Deductions of psychological research on pupils larning and college instruction for teacher instruction. Handbook of research on instructor instruction ( pp. 826-857 ) . New York: Macmillan.

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