Girl Child In Today’s India: Save Them

Published: 2021-07-01 04:44:54
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The female child in India has been most vulnerable for centuries. We are committing the worst crime against humanity when we don’t even allow children to be born just because they carry the stigma of being girls. The poor infant girls have no choice because they are killed inside the womb of their mothers or killed after birth in parts of Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and other parts of India. We forget that only girls take care of their parents and their in-laws also. They are always giving a helping hand. Only girls when they get married take care of their children.
They are really responsible for any duties they take on. Usually girls are the topper in board exams. Still we don’t welcome them. Then ask yourself why do we behave like this? Children are the blooming buds in a garden named ‘earth’ A child brings immense happiness in the family. Children are a special gift from the almighty to a family and particularly a girl child is a wonderful blessing because the birth of a girl child is a symbol of incoming prosperity.
A girl child is a living deity on this earth. A girl child plays a vital role in the upliftment of society. As they usually are apostreles of care, kindness, adoration and understanding. Everybody should respect – respect the girl child as she is future of nation. “Give me good mothers; I will give you good nation! ”

Girl child is a topic of discussion today also in India. Nowadays, girls have gone is a topic of discussion today also in India. Nowadays, girls have gone much ahead than boys and are working in similar or better positions than boys.
They have their best in every field like-wrestling, sports, and business as they too are capable and equal to boys. Example of such great women are-Indira Gandhi, Kiran Bedi, PT Usha. But even now in some places the position of a girl child remained unchanged. They are killed. On the other hand some people think opposite. They educate their daughter and treat them well. Government is giving free education to girls. They are working on good posts like-IPS officer, president etc. They are good role models as housewife, mother or sister, I am proud to be a girl.

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