Narrative Essay – a Scary Experience

Published: 2021-07-01 04:50:36
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We had chicken breast for lunch t Helvetica and then we left to our respective homes. It was early summer. So I went to sleep after a shower and didn't wake up till 9 p. M. My Parents were leaving for Dad's business tour to Delhi and they won't be back for at least two weeks. My sister and I were quite happy about the fact that we can do whatever we want for two whole weeks. I was planning to stay awake till late night and watch movies. But little did we know that we were going to regret these feelings later. Mom and Dad left around 11. So it was only me and my elder Sister Sees In the whole apartment.
It's a three storied old apartment building with only one unit per floor. But the apartments are really big considering they have almost 2500 sq feet space. Our apartment has four bed rooms, two Verandas, one dining room, one drawing room, one kitchen and 3 washrooms. My sister and I shared a common washroom between our rooms where our parents room and the guest room had an attached washroom. So right after our parents left. I went back to my room and started watching this movie called "The matrix"and Sees was talking to her friend on phone. A quarter passed midnight when iris heard it.
A knock in my door. I thought it was Sees so I did not bother to open up right away. Then I heard It again . This time louder and harder than before. I was both annoyed and a bit angry because I was really enjoying the movie. So I went rushing to the door and opened it. It was strange as I found no one outside my door. At first I thought Sees was trying to play a prank on me so I went to her room which was around 20 Ft away from my room and her door was closed. When I went inside , I found her lying on her bed talking to her friend loudly as usual. And she looked at e with a question in her eyes.

Asked her In a loud pap! Why did you knock so hard on my door? What do you want? This Isn't funny you know'. She told her friend to hold for a second and asked me what I was talking about. When I told her again she replied angrily that she was talking with friend all the time and didn't even get up from her bed. Obviously didn't believe her and asked her to stay away. She then gave me the phone and her friend confirmed she was talking with her. Left without prolonging the argument shutting the door loudly. And I went back to watch my movie. Then it happened again after half an hour.
First a gentle knock and then followed by loud and hard knocks on my door. This time I almost ran towards the door determined to catch Sees pap on the act but found no one outside again. But I didn't waste my time standing there. I kept on running towards Sees pap's room 1 OFF Ana Tuna near again lying on near Dead still talking to near Eternal . Eater another neaten discussion Sees Pap decided to follow me back to my room and talk there on phone. She said, "Naval! Obviously you are not believing me when I am telling you I have not oft my room or my bed.
So I am going to your room now so you can't blame me anymore. " I agreed silently but still did not believe her. So I started watching my movie or what was left of it after all these interruption and arguments while Sees pap was lying on my bed now talking to her friend on phone. After ten more minutes the knocking started again. And then it got louder and louder until the door started shaking. Sees looked startled. I wasn't moving from my chair either. We looked at each other and finally realized that both of us were not lying to catheter.

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