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Published: 2021-07-01 04:42:43
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The Bucket List is a movie all about two men who live their lives as if they are going to be gone tomorrow. It’s a movie about two men with cancer that share a hospital room from both having cancer. When finding out they do not have much longer to live, decide that they are going to pursue a bucket list that one of the men had made. The two men Edward and Carter are complete opposites. Carter is a mechanic that has been married for forty-five years and has two children. Edward has tons of money and has been divorced four times, with a daughter that no longer talks to him.
He owns the hospital that the two men end up in with the motto he stands by “Two beds to a room, no exceptions. ” This motto is what caused him ending up in a room with Carter which he did not like at all at first. The one thing that brings them together is knowing they have to live their lives up and do what they have always wanted to do before dying. They became best friends unexpectedly and did more in their last few months before dying then some people can say they have done in their entire lifetime.
You should always live your life as if you are going to die tomorrow. Not in the sense that you should be miserable thinking your never going to be able to see the next day, but you should make your life the best it can be. This is what I have learned from The Bucket List, that you need to live each moment like it is your last. Some people never get the chance to find out when they will die and they do not always get to accomplish things in their life that they would like to do.

However, some people would not like to know the date that they will no longer be around. Dieing is scary, and when you know when your going to, some people take it hard and instead of making the best of it, they get depressed and do nothing else with their life. This movie in a sense shows you need to make the best of it. Making a bucket list would be a good idea, so you know what you would like to get accomplished before you do “kick the bucket. ” Making your life as joyful, fun and enjoyable as you can is important.
The Bucket List was not made just to be about two men that are dying from cancer, but to set an example to live your life to its highest potential. Yes, the men do have cancer and are not going to live for years, but they get to accomplish what they would like to do. They go to Egypt, traveling the world, skydiving, race fast cars and eventually Edward meets up with his daughter again and granddaughter. Do not hold grudges with anyone, because you never know when something might happen and you do not have a chance to fix it.
When you get a chance to do something fun, do it. Travel the country, see places and things you have never seen. Do not just lay around dying trying to comfort everyone around you when at the time you cannot even find it in you to comfort yourself. Cancer, of course is sad, painful and a tragic experience no one wants to have to deal with in their family. But the hidden meaning in the movie would be that even though you know your going to die, do not just lay around waiting for it to happen. You can still find it in yourself to have a little more fun.
I do not believe I have found as much joy in my life as I would like. My childhood has been great and my family is more amazing than I would be able to ask for. However, I am only eighteen, I would like to get married, have children of my own, finish college, and travel the world. If I was to pass today, I would not think that my life would have been complete. There is still huge areas of my life that I would like to go through before I never get the chance to again. These two men make a great bucket list, one that has some things I would personally like to accomplish as well.
My life has brought joy to my family, I know my parents were ecstatic when I was born, but I want to bring joy to my own family. My kids, my husband, hopefully even my grandchildren, will eventually be brought joy by myself. This is something I could only hope to have happen. The Bucket List, although is a sad movie, has its joyful and funny moments. It sets a life example to get out and do some exciting things with your life. And a deadline is the perfect way to get your butt out to do them.

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