Marketability Ampalaya Seed Coffee

Published: 2021-07-01 03:32:46
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On the otherwise, Betterment (Americanization), commonly known as amplify, it is a rut known for its bitter and astringent taste. Commonly, people eat its flesh and skin as food leaving the seeds unused. With this, the proponents aimed to prove the research of amplify seeds as an alternative source for coffee making which offers better health benefits (as antioxidant) at low cost and attainability. The study aimed to prove that amplify seeds are capable and feasible for coffee production.
In line with this, the researchers would also want to prove whether it could serve as an antioxidant or not. The researchers created amplify coffee by starting with the normal proceedings as done with other coffee known to man. The coffee gave a bitter taste so as the amplify, that's why the researchers decided to use the amplify seeds to make coffee as a substitute to the commercial ones instead of throwing them. The coffee gave a bitter taste which is normal for coffee without caffeine.
The researchers can then conclude that amplify seeds are definitely possible for coffee production, it serves well as the other sources of coffee. Statement of the Problem Generally, this study seeks to determine the acceptability and marketability of the new product Amplify Seed Coffee in Drag Albany, Philippines. Specifically, it attempts to find answers to the following questions: 1 . What Is the characteristic of amplify seed coffee samples In terms of: a. Color b. Aroma c. Taste d. Acidity e. Health benefits 2. What Is the marketability of the new product In terms of: a.

Potential demand b. Price 3. What is the acceptability of amplify as the ingredient of coffee? Hypothesis Based on the foregoing research questions identified, the researchers formulated the following hypotheses: 1. It will be easy to make and market since amplify Is abundant and familiar In the Philippines. 2. Amplify seed coffee would be acceptability of this coffee is high since it has medicinal value. Substitute for coffee beans. Background 4. It will be a close This study aimed to market a coffee out of amplify seeds.
Memoranda Charlatan (scientific name for amplify) is a healthy food that helps prevent ailments such as some types of cancer, aids in lowering blood sugar levels and blood pressures, enhances immune system to fight infection and it is an antioxidant that most of the coffee have. Amplify seeds have polypeptide - p, a plant insulin and contain iron and folic acid that are essential for the production of red blood cells. Thus, this research will infinite all coffee drinkers most especially the diabetic and low-blood persons.
Coffee is one of the widely-known beverages that people drink especially in the morning. It contains caffeine that makes drinkers more active yet makes them addicted for it. Coffee is bitter in taste. Same as the amplify, its nature of taste is bitter also. So making coffee from amplify seeds is not impossible because it meets the primary characteristic of a coffee. A healthy drink coffee that will benefits all the drinkers. Related Non- Research Works In the past years, coffee is always in the breakfast table on every family.
It energies them and makes them active to work. Many claims that coffee can be addictive because has caffeine substance. Too much drinking of coffee is not healthy for the body. Before amplify is Just a vegetable food use to eat for their meals, but recent informal study shows that amplify is not Just a vegetable food but also it is an aid for preventing and controlling diseases. Its leaves, fruit and seeds has herbal benefits. There are now supplements, Juices out of amplify for beneficial purposes.
Related Studies This part consist of studies on the different nutritional product which are used to maintain the medicinal value of Amplify seed as the main ingredient for the study with the objective as the present study in relation to raw materials used, processes, evaluation of sensory characteristics and composition analysis. In the study of Amplify Tea or Charlatan Tea (Dry. William D. Tortes PhD, 2004), that is compose of amplify leaves. Due to content of vitamins A, B and C, iron, folic acid, phosphorus and calcium which are very potent in anti- oxidant which is good for making tea out of it.
It also prevents and control diseases. Another study is the Rice Coffee Connell C. Martial,2000), this is an alternative to he more expensive coffee beans, and it is also easy to make, especially in countries that readily produce rice. From there, rice coffee became a profitable business because the cost of production was very minimal, and the way to make was to crush the rice into a powder with a machine or other tools. After the rice was roasted, there was also the option of putting them in tea bags, which can be done with a machine or very feasible source of income in this market.
Synthesis Based from the related studies review, the amplify was rated one of the vegetables rich in vitamins A, B and C, iron, folic acid, phosphorus and calcium. Some studies shows that amplify reduce the body's sugar level to control diabetes. This is the potential of amplify and the good basis of the researchers in the development of the study - Amply Seed Coffee. Gap to be Bridged by the Study The present study is similar to the previous studies conducted in terms of developmental studies local and new flavor of roasted coffee and the process was just the same as the process of commercial coffee.
The researchers came up with an idea of utilizing the seed of amplify vegetable into a new roasted powdered coffee aside from the function it normally serves not only to indicated its sensory characterized but also the nutritional content of vitamins A, 81, 83, 86, C, E and K as well as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc in the amplify seed coffee. The gap bridged by the study was the utilization of Amplify seed in the powdered form.
Theoretical Framework In this study the researchers adopted the Theory of Product Development, Principles of Sensory evaluation and theory of product evaluation and were applied the realization of the product Amplify Coffee. The product development theory cited by Mille (product Design and Methodology) from the generation of fresh new product design, ideas, screen them through a selective process and through technical research and development, and translate this idea into tangible products which can be mass-produced and sold at different markets for profit.
It is applied to the present study attempting to develop new variety of coffee sing Amplify as new raw material into finished product through underlying processes. The theory of product development by Marcella stated that for new products and processes to have staying power in the 21st century, there is a need to be revolutionary rather than evolutionary. This study gave importance and consideration to the many issues on environment, changes in the public policy on the awareness of food safety and the demand to improve the health of the nation at a cost.
The study attempts to develop a new product the Amplify Seed Coffee. The researchers would like to contribute to the improvement of the health of the Filipinos through this study, with the benefits of those amplify process medicinal properties for people with diabetes. The principle of sensory evaluation wherein the total acceptability of the product is discussed and the researchers gathered into the respondents by this principle that ill conclude in this study the most acceptable sample. The sensory evaluation evaluates the product and rates its level of acceptability using score sheets.

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