Market Analysis of Chicken Consumption in Indonesia

Published: 2021-07-01 03:36:42
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In Indonesian dally life, the consumption of chicken Is higher than If we compare to some European countries. Almost all Indonesian main dishes are complemented by chicken, while in Europe, pork seems more preferable for people. The presence of "hall" certification is really important for food industries and business since in Islam Scripture stated that Moslem people are prohibited to consume pork because of a certain reason that can be unethical to be explained because It is related to faith, so that it might create bias for those who are non-Moslem.
In reality, there are only few food industries and businesses that are contained pork. Usually, if a restaurant want to have pork menu, the location is specified such as in the region In which the habitants are mostly Chinese. There Is also a consideration for supermarket that want to sell pork product where it should be a clear information that stated "this food contains pork" and it should be in separate place with other product. However, If we analyze the market, compared to the neighborhood, Malaysia, Indonesian consumption of chicken Is three times lower than Malaysia.
The average consumption is egg per capita per year, while Malaysia is about keg per capita per year. If we are talking about the substitution of chicken, it might be hard to decide but the closest substitution will be beef and lamb. Chicken is actually Include to the poultry category, while beef and lamb more likely in the butchery category.

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