Legalization of Assisted Suicide

Published: 2021-07-01 04:25:28
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For example, if a person is suffering from a horrible disease it would be as if they were living dead. As the article pros and Cons of Assisted Suicide says, " Choosing how we die is a basic human freedom. If an individual's quality of life is terrible, they should h eve the right to stop suffering. " Many people live unhappy knowing that what they have is Inc arable. If assisted suicide is legal they can choose to do it and die in a peaceful way instead of w attaining their final day to come while they still suffer.
People may also agree with this topic do to the "Pain and anguish of the Patti it's family and friends" which can be lessened, and they can say their final goodbyes. " ( Miserly) It is just sad for the family to see one of their loved ones just lying down and suffering. It is not easy for them because they do not know when the "day' to leave this world will come. This leads to the fact that many of the nurses and doctors taking care of this patient can have a more valuable time with a patient that can and wants to fight their pain. By doing this, these nurse sees and doctors can save more lives.
Also, people may argue that getting assisted suicide may save other lives do to the fact that some of the organs in the patients' body can help other patients as said by Miserly. Lastly, a third pro would be that without physician assistance people may co omit suicide in messy, horrifying or traumatic ways. This is worst for the families to get eve r. Imagine walking in, to see something like this and especially if they were suffering so b Daly that they took that decision. Families would feel guilty. People are pushed to do this be cause they are cornered since they are hurting bad and they can't get help.

Assisted suicide also has many cons. One of them would be that it would decreed ease the value of human life. This means that people wouldn't really care if someone did sees or lives. People would take this as a normal thing. Just like what Miserly says, "For each dead h, we have 12 days of ceremonies, elaborate burials, and months of mourning. " It would me an that anyone could take the life of someone else making life something of no value. This re son is because people would just take it from you just like they would take any object of no v alee.
A second con is that doctors are given too much power and can be wrong or unethical says, Joe Miserly. He also says, "Imagine a doctor who believes there is too m such of a shortage in medical staff & resources to pour extra time & money into elderly people. He may always lean towards the side of "no hope" when the odds are sketchy. " We always rely on doctors and on their opinions but we got to know that doctors aren't always accurate on what they say . We trust them so much, but who knows that instead of three months of life you have 6? Also, what if that virus is just temporarily or even that they messed up the results.
By legalizing t his assisted suicide away it would be like giving doctors the right to choose who they want alive. The last con is that Miracle cures can occur. One can get well from one day to the next. Also, the science is advancing so fast that doctors can make a medicine that c an cure whatever you have. Doctors should always try nothing but their best to keep their Patti ants alive. What if there is actually a cure and the doctors are still not quite aware of it? Miserly says, 'You have to consider the constant medical and pharmaceutical advances that just might el ad to a miracle recovery.
We should never get to a point where we spend more time looking f r a way out of life than for a way to sustain life. " Through this quote we see that it is always beet err to fight for life to keep going and assisted suicide should not be an option In conclusion, people should never give up and take the easy path. Even thou GHz a lot of people suffer at the end maybe everything can be worth it. It won't be an easy thing to keep living in pain but giving up and giving the right for someone to kill you not be consider an option. As a result, assisted suicide should not be legalized because no one SSH loud be able to take someone else's life away.

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