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Published: 2021-07-01 04:13:31
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This can be seen in many areas, from the struggle for women's rights, to the oppressive e racism that caused the great Civil Right's Movement. Throughout these hard times, there have always been those who have stood up and fought for what they believed in.
One of these great people woo old have to be Doctor Martin Luther King Jar. Despite the crippling racism, and the horrible treatment he faced as an African American, King stood tall and strong, leading the African Americans in the fight t gag insist racism. Time and time again he stood before crowds, protesting against the injustice they f aced. Before one of these large crowds, he gave one of the most memorable speeches in American whist ROR; his "I Have a Dream" speech. In his speech, he stressed how, despite all the hatred and injustice of the time, he still had a dream.
His dream, across the nation, all would put aside the past and become united. His dream across the nation, men and women would not be judged by the color of their skin, b UT by the content of their character. His dream, despite the disdain and judgment of the time, in the futz ere across the nation everybody would be able to join hands and become brother and sister, united . His speech became an outstanding inspiration, and motivated the people to see each other as equal s, thus ending the Civil Rights Movement. King stood against injustice, and for the belief all are equals.

However, in toad Yes society this still does not ring true. Does living on the street, living paycheck to paycheck, or begging for food and change seem equal to living in mansions, swimming in grand pools, and feasts Eng every day? Injustice Cushman 2 in today's society being no longer found in violence and insults, but found in if nuances. Entertainers earn far more than public servants, creating a huge inequality gap. Those who sacrifice so much, and devote themselves to doing the right thing, they struggle more than those who o focus inwards, and devote themselves, to themselves.
Statistically speaking, 23% of the homeless population is made up Of veterans, this being between 1 30,000 and 200,000 veterans without a home o n any given night. These men and women devoted their lives to America, to protecting every single India viaduct's freedom in this nation. What greater sacrifice can there be? Additionally, a recent example of annual military pay came in at $38,734. Compare this to a football athlete in the NFG who makes $1. 9 m lion annually. America is paying a man with a football jersey and helmet more than a man in a comb t helmet and uniform.
America has promoted paying a man more to catch a ball, then a man who is putting his life on the line for his country. How immoral does this seem? Furthermore, the base of all if notion in society has to be education. Who gives education? Teachers do. Elementary teachers, who have given the foundation of success, earn an annual average of $56,130 nationally. Actors of the likes of R Bert Downey Jar. And Changing Datum however, make a net worth of 550 million. A pretty boy actor on a screen will make hat much more money than a teacher with a white board.
Where would the j justice be in this? Men and women dedicated to the betterment of this nation are making very Ii title money, especially compared to those who simply dedicate themselves to a franchise or producer. Public servants such as teachers, law enforcement officers, and military personnel e ran substantially less income than entertainers. Thus, this becomes my dream. My dream features America proportioning, giving more money to those who sacrifice the most, because they truly have e earned it.
My dream, those ho are putting their lives down on the frontline for their brothers and sister s will earn the same as those putting their names onto a movie contract. My dream, teachers, giving t he most valuable tool to our community, education, will earn the same as a man running into an end z one with a ball in his hands. My dream, public servants who serve as the basic function for this who ole nation, will earn the Cushman 3 same income as those who solely entertain this nation.

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