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Engage the Mind miour mind is the scene of the crime", was the tagline for Christopher Nolan's Inception, a film that came out the summer of 2010. Inception was an original film by the man that brought audiences the acclaimed Batman trilogy. The film was given a 160 million dollar budget and the premise was questionable, a movie about dreams and reality. The stakes were high as the film could either be a summer blockbuster or a flop.
Not only did the film manage to captivate its audiences, it earned more than 00 million dollars in the US alone. It was critically acclaimed and till this day Inception will be remembered as the "dream, within a dream, within a dream," a complex film for intellectual and action moviegoers. Inception will stand the test of time for many years to come due to its ability to engage those who see it with its complex plot and its questionable ending. The audience is left to guess if the main character was left in a dream or if it really is eality.
In an era full of mindless action films, a movie like Inception makes the brain follow the characters, the plot, and the conflict with close detail. If you happen to look away for a few minutes the chances of understanding the film are minimal. But if you happen to pay close attention, you won't be disappointed. With the help of a stellar cast and amazing visuals and excellent cinematography, Inception is the definition of cinema at its finest.

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