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Published: 2021-07-01 03:47:47
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Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel actually carries two brands - the Millennium and Copthorne Hotels and Hilton Familly of Hotels. (The Seoul Times, 2005) The hotel is located in the capital city of Seoul in South Korea. Its convenient location site which is at the foot of Mount Namsan and one half (1. 5) miles from the business district, the Millennium Seoul Hilton has a health club and golf driving range. The guest can also do business in the Executive Lounge or relax in one of seven  restaurants and bars.
Its guest accommodations would feature a deluxe rooms which are spacious and fully equipped with high speed internet access, bathrooms with bathtubs and showers. Rooms have easy chair or sofa. The hotel also features their business rooms, and also the executive rooms. The hotel's amenities and facilities include an eighty two  foot heated pool, eight  meeting rooms for up to five hundred  guests or participants.
The Hilton HHonors is the main loyalty programme of Millennium Seul Hilton Hotel. Here, customers earn both Points and Miles for stays at more than 2,800 hotel worldwide and airline miles with over 50 airline partners. And the hotel offers several unique ways to pile on the points — earn them through hotel stays or with participating credit cards. And when the customers are feeling generous, they can transfer them to family or friends who are also members. Based on the study by Wirtz et.al. (2007), such programme, if found to be attractive would have a positive impact on cash spending of guests, regardless of their attachment to the company. The implication of this, is of course, continuing to develop this programme so as to make it attractive, not only to members, but also to non-members as well. In an interview with Berhanrd Brenner, General Manager of the hotel, by The Seoul Times (2005), the top man of Hiton said that having the status of being one of the best hotels in Seoul did not come easily.

According to him, the driving philosophy here is to prioritize people first before profit. In that way, he believes that greater profit is due to having satisfied customers which return often. Client loyalty is assured by predicting all scenarios and designing innovative solutions to address issues. For instance, a certification programme was initiated on January 2005 for the hotel’s 32 managers to give reports regarding contamination of food and problems of electrical facilities as well as provide training to give emergency medical care.
The hotel also has an Areno Night Club which feature live performances from bands to entertain customers from all ages. The Korea National Tourism Organisation was also tapped in to operate the casino within hotel premises. Thus, incoming foreigners and residents would see enhancements in hotel services and features. The Seoul Times also report that the hotel management has good relation with the hotel union despite the fact that labor and management issues are rampant in Korea. Disputes were avoided by providing care for all his employees. As a matter of fact, education subsidy at an Honor University is available for all employees. In monetary terms, this grant was equivalent to $1,000 in 2005. The report also explains that the reason why Mr. Brender was able to symphatized with the employees is that he also passed through the ranks.

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