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Published: 2021-07-01 05:00:04
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Gender Identity Paper PSY/340 Wendy Gray April 30, 2012 Kale Kirkland First let me start by trying to explain what gender identity is. Gender Identity is a sense of being either man or woman and you or a particular group such a male or female. When a person is confused about what gender they are than you have problems which arise such as a male thinking they should be a female and a male thinking they should be a female. Hormones are a chemical messenger which produce in different glands then secreted to the necessary place which causes certain biological activity to take place.
A hormone is a chemical release that alters the metabolism. There are certain hormones that are released by the pituitary gland or thyroid gland that are known to promote certain behavior. This can be seen in women mostly because the hormone will affect the way a women acts and can cause so mood changes which can be bad. Hormones have the capability to affect the neurons in the brain cells and in return this also can cause some certain behaviors. Hormones do play a huge role in the functioning of the body and the immune system.
This area is a place where you can see the behavior change as a person gets older and things in the body start to change so does the levels of hormones. When a women is going through the change of life you can see such behavior as suspicion, anxiety which makes it hard to live and get along with this person. I feel that where and how a person grows up will and can affect the gender in which they believe they are. If a child that is a male and his family tries to raise him as a female this is going to affect this child and bring confusion about who he truly is.

I feel it would be the same way is a female is raised a male it will confuse them in to thinking they are a male. Male and females brains are different and I do not think that people understand this and it causes confusion in the children so there in a fight trying to figure out what gender they are. Psychologists have found that children who are really smart at math were characterized with unusual physical attributes. You have to think biological things do not change as much as environmental things can. You an be in a place one minute and the next you are out so this can happen fast. Socialization can be another place where it will affect a person’s gender identity I know these days many kids can be cruel and say things to make others question who they really are. Society also plays a role in this because in this world you are to be a certain way and behavior a certain way. Society has defined who we are sometimes even if someone gets hurt in the process. I feel society does play to much of a role on how a male is to act and how a female is to act.
Society also plays a role with the kind of work we are to have and it is no wonder we have so many people with the disorder gender identity disorder which is defined by strong feelings of identification with the opposite gender and not comfortable with one’s own assigned sex though not all people believe this disorder is even a disorder but a mental disorder. You have to understand that as a child trying to find out who you are you will be influenced by the people around you and they will imitate gender behaviors of the one’s they love the most, so if you are confused by who you are your child will mostly go through the same problem.
Sexual differentiation is a biological process unlike gender identity. Gender identity is developed under influences of thins like environmental factors and social reinforcement also things like language and parental examples. The brain has a lot to do with who we are and how we work. Men and women have different brains and this cause as to define who we are different and when this is messed with it cause confusion. Children learn what is welcomed and what is not.
They learn what behavior is acceptable and what will affect who they define themselves as. Rogers (Roberts, 2009) suggests that sex-differentiated behavior has more biological basis. He also feel that the environment can affect the brain and ultimately behavior. As one learns, feedbacks mechanisms and behavior are altered; the brain changes (Roberts, 2000). In all it will come down to whom we believe we are you see many people from TV who so not even know who they are because they have been altered to be a certain person.
I think as a psychologist we can study all we want to and try to figure out how to get things like gender identity disorder fixed but still in the end it will be up to us. If a person is confused about what gender they are I fell it would be good for that person to get help and try to find out who they are. I do feel that TV and things like computers are making people confused about who they are. Let’s say you have someone on TV you want to be like and this could become so much that as a person you try to be who that TV star is.
Psychologists still do not know to what extent that biological causes that may affect underline sex difference but the evidence is growing that such factors can be explained at least some behavioral differences between men and women. The brain plays a huge role on the sexual behavior of male and female. The hypothalamus and the amygdale are parts of the brain that control sexual functioning. It is also clear that your environment can have a critical effect in producing sex and gender differences. I feel have all the brain functioning as it should does help to make the right choice.
The brain has so many parts and if something is off it can cause a person to not be able to function proper. I know if a person has emotional problems this will effect everything about that person even who they are. I feel if the person can get the right medication then they can begin to feel better and learn who they are. The effects of gender go beyond the mere biological fact because men and women do not have the same roles like a woman is stereotyped as a housewife, secretary and mother you do not see many men with this stereotype.
In the world today this has changed some but it does still go on. To me I feel that the way you grow will be the strongest effect on what gender you choose because I know that parents are usually the example that a child will follow. I know that that may not always be the case but most times it is. If a child grows with parents that tell them all the time I wished you would have be a girl and you are a boy you will begin to hate who you are and want to change your gender to please your parents.
Your mind will be so confused about your identity because your parents choose to remind you over and over and this does play with the mind of a child. In the end as a parent I feel we should be aware of what we are teaching our children so that when they grow up they are not facing with what to be a male or female. I feel we should give them the support and a loving environment they need to grow into a healthy adult. I understand that the brain can play a role in this also and that there are so many other factors that can effect a person who is trying to figure out what gender they are.
Learning who you are can be hard if you are dealing with a disorder this is when I feel a psychologist should be brought in to help you understand what is going on in your References: Lazarre, S. (2008). Biological Foundation of Psychology. 11 University of Phoenix, Arizona Pinel, J. P. J. (2009). Biopsychology (7th ed. ). Boston, MA: Allyn Bacon. Roberts, C. (2000, Fall). Biological behavior? Hormonoes, psychology, and sex. Wickens, A (2005). Foundations of Biopsychology. (2nd ed. ). Harlow, England: Pearson Prentice Hall mind and give you medication if that is what is needed.

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