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Published: 2021-07-01 04:35:02
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Arthur demonstrates the democratic way by showing when he makes decisions he goes to the round table to discuss them with the fellow citizens. How Arthur shows how to handle those who he thinks broke the rules by holding a public trial so everyone can see the law at work and he leaves the persons fall to the law and the people of Camelot to decide. Arthur demonstrates the highest value of the democratic way by letting the citizens have a say and do things their way and expecting and treating the citizens with dignity. . Malignant demonstrates the authoritarian way by showing when he makes decisions he does not listen to the citizens and only goes by his word and no one else's. Malignant only respects himself and no one else; he even tries to kidnap the Queen. Which is very disrespectful. Malignant does not care about anyone as long at he is respected and in charge. Being authoritarian means that the leader is self appointed and does not listen to citizen's opinions and they cannot speak out against he leaders actions, which Malignant clearly shows.
That is an example that shows lack of respect for citizens and shows the authoritarian way. Malignant demonstrates the highest value of the authoritarian way by not letting the citizens have a say and taking away their rights, also by punishing innocent people for others poor actions. 3. Arthur shows rights and responsibilities in the movie because Arthur held court and used the law to decide the guilt or innocence of the Queen and Lancelot and if lilts their punishment.
He held a public trial so every citizen can see the law at work. This shows rights and responsibilities by letting the people decide the faith and having a say, Arthur is allowing the people to exercise their rights of opinion. As well he does not get greedy or let his anger get the best of him before announcing Lancet's punishment. Also he uses the round table with high respect and responsibility and shows equality throughout and works together with everyone for the good of Camelot.

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