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Published: 2021-07-01 03:51:23
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Today i want to tell you about one of Indonesian Top Musician named Ahmad Dhani. He's father of three boys. His music arragement is great, have the special taste of music. Although it's a certain kind of music season, his music is not influenced but reverse. He keep his music in his own track. It has strong side that other musician dont have. Market cant distrurb his regulation in music. He dont produce album too often. But, once he launch, it must be booming. Apart from his greatness in world of elody, Ahmad Dhani also famous because some controversial side, one of them is his arrogancy.
My personal view are many arrogant side of him appeared because people also want to know about his private life. For example, things about his family and how he treat his sons. People also talk about him because of his scandal. He have a black story about his relationship with a woman. This woman is a friend of his wife. Now, after he divorced from his wife he married with the woman. He doesnt ant people to step into his private world so he look very arrogant in this case. He grow in musical world and create the new music atmosphere in Indonesia.
At the same time he prepare and develop new musician too. He recruit young and talented musician to his music management named "Republik Cinta". Here, Ahmad Dhani gathering and developing new quality musician. Let us see some of the musician from this management ; Rajassa Ikmal as a drummer, The Virgin which consist of kak Mita and kak dara, Judika with his great voice, and others. One thing people know, his ons have musical talent as spectacular as him, and he developed it too.

We can see from his last big concert called "Mahakarya Ahmad Dhani". His son who is still teenager can play music in a very cool way. A1 played guitar, El played drum, and Dul played bass and piano. If we look at both side of the story, everyone have good and bad side. So, i would argue that we shouldn't Judge people Just in one side moreover his private life. We never be in his footso we don't have to mind his private bussiness. It's better to appreciate people because of his creation.

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