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Published: 2021-07-01 03:41:10
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Environmental Protection Agency is an agency of the United States government that protects human health and the environment. It also writes the rule and makes sure that it is followed. The industry regulations are set by A federal standards. The US federal emission standards for engines and vehicles, including standard for greenhouse gas emissions, are established by the US Environmental Protection Agency.
The EPA authority regulates engine emissions and the air quality based on the clean air act in 1990. The noncompliant behavior addressed in the article state that "Germany top domestic automakers may have evaded emissions rules". Follow by weeks later another article, state that "BMW's x5 model, built in 2009 to 2013 and BMW 330D model, sold in 2009 to 2011.
All the of the models emit levels of nitrogen oxide higher than their gasoline counterparts". The development of engine emission standard happen when a procedure of the US rule creates it. New regulation is published as proposed rules, then follow by a time of public discussion. Furthermore, the new rule is finalized and signed into law.

In the BMW noncompliant case German prosecutors, the United State Justice Department and EPA searched and seized potential evidence at BMW headquarter in Austria. Follow by United State Justice Department files class action lawsuit in a New Jersey court for alleged emissions cheating on diesel vehicles. The BMW vehicles promised power, fuel economy, and efficiency are obtained only by turning off or turning down emission controls when the software in there vehicles senses that they are not in an emissions testing environments.
The enforcement of the problem that cause the raid were software had been installed by mistake, and the company had not intentionally tired to deceive regulators. During internal testing, "BMW realized that a correctly developed software module had been allocated in error to models. BMW would recall about 11,000 cars containing the software fix the problem".
Governance, risk management and compliance is an organization approach across three areas: Governance, risk management and compliance. It is an integrated collection of capabilities that enable an organization to reliably achieve objectives. It is referred to keeping the company on track, activities manage in department such as internal audit, compliance, risk, legal, finance, IT, HR, and executive suite.
"The compliance challenges are in five different areas: Organizational for a complex business process supporting financial operations are often linked to complex IT systems that are still manual and paper driven. Psychological are most decision makers look at regulation as extra constraints to their operations. Financial are a critical element is the cost implication.
Technical can create a flexible framework that can nurture a business can serve well for the regulators. Political and public pressure on regulators are certainly other factors. New political may mean some will regulation will be withdrawn from the market and now ones can be introduced." The BMW Group's corporate culture is clear with responsibility, mutual respect and trust.
Lawful conduct and fair competition are integral to our business activities and an important condition for securing the long-term success of our company. BMW Group also established a compliance management system equipped with instruments and measure to help associates and managers handle legal risks and therefore ensure legal compliance.
Regulatory Specialist for "Oasis Petroleum" - This position is responsible for state and local environmental and regulatory permitting in support of oil and gas operations. The duties will include regulatory reporting at the State and Federal levels. The job functions are responsible for the preparation and tracking of all regulatory operations.
Meet with government officials in the regulatory department to ensure company strategy align with rulemaking.Coordinate regulatory hearings and proceedings. Make certain all annual updates, renewal, and reports are submitted to state and local municipal entities. Keep company informed of any changes to permit requirements to ensure compliance.

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