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Elephant was a movie based on an average high school In the last ten years, showing the experiences, different emotions and actions students have. While this movie In the end focuses on two boys, we see many different students throughout the movie and their part In high school. Even though this Is to be based on an average high school, I believe at times they showed an unrealistic portrayal on students and teachers with some of their actions in this movie.
Not far into the movie they show a cone of girls in gym class, all wearing shorts outside except one, Michelle. Which is nothing wrong with that, but what happens is the teachers makes a comment on her wearing sweats, telling her she needs to Join the rest of the girls, by wearing shorts. Otherwise, by her not following these instructions, it would lead to a drop in her marks. Michelle to me seems like an insecure girl, not wanting to show her body off.
And no school I feel would make girls who are insecure about their body have to feel uncomfortable by wearing shorts, Just because every other girl in class was confident and wears shorts. I also found this movie made students look stupid, making them so oblivious to what was happening around them. As the two boys enter the school, stalking around the halls with those massive guns In their hands, you see not one student scream or even notice what was happening.

Especially in the library which was full of kids, one of the boys marched right in, gun in the air, and it takes for him o actually shoot it after awhile for anyone to scream or run. Not to mention how as the shooting starts, students weren't even running out of the school. In so many of the scenes when you see students running away they completely ignore the doors as if they weren't even there. They Just run past or go up the stairs. No student would actually choose to run up a couple flights of stairs then to just run outside, getting away from this tragedy.

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