Electronic Communication, Letter Writing and Persuasion

Published: 2021-07-01 05:02:23
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Why are lawyers and technology experts warning companies to store, organize, and manage computer data, including e-mail, with sharper diligence?
Electronic mail or e-mail has been an important part of communication nowadays, not only for personal use but most significantly in the business world. In this regard, companies should store, manage and organize computer data like these e-mails with keen persistence in doing the task so as to avoid misunderstandings and cases in courts that would put their companies in danger.

E-mail is considered as a permanent record that should really be written carefully because in some places, there were cases involving e-mails as evidences against people or companies in court (Sherwood). Maybe this is the reason why lawyers and technology experts warn companies regarding this matter.
A recent article in a professional magazine carried this headline: `Is Letter Writing Dead?
My answer to that question is “No, I don’t think so.” This is because even though electronic communication is already widely used by many because of the many advantages it can bring involving fastness of receiving and lesser difficulty in responding, the original form of letter whether it may the hand-written type or the computerized type is still of use today. In other countries where people can’t afford to buy computers and use internet, the hand-written type of letter is still an excellent form of communication when people are far from each other. On the other hand, the computerized type of letter like business letters is still used because they are more permanent and more formal than those e-mails.
When does persuasion become unethical? Have you ever experienced unethical persuasion? Describe the situation.
Persuasion is the act of causing someone to believe something through reasoning and it may either be ethical or unethical (persuasion). The process of persuading someone becomes unethical if the person conducting the persuasion includes lies and fallacies just to make others consider and trust what they are saying.
One instance wherein I experienced unethical persuasion is when a man tried to offer me a product whose label and manufacturer not well-known. He wants me to buy the product he is selling and he mentioned different known people like politicians that he claims is using the same product. Since I was trying to know if he is telling the truth, I asked a lot of questions about the product and I find some of that information contradicting to each other so I did not buy the product.
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