Case Study of Dahmer Apartments

Published: 2021-07-01 04:03:45
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This research paper concentrates on the topic about studying the case of Dahmer Apartments. The paper further investigates on the mysteries and conspiracy behind the story of Dahmer’s unit in the apartment and the said crimes that have happened in the building. The scene of the crime in the apartment has generated wide attention among the people within the area and resulted to adversities for the building, which have left the place bankrupt.
In this regard, this research makes a comprehensive study of the case and lay pertinent facts and information about the crime which Dahmer has committed and the case that has left the apartment suffering from the time when the felony has been discovered by the city officials in the building. This research paper about the case of Dahmer Apartments draws its purpose on investigating and studying the crime as well as the picture of adulteration of business to which the apartments have faced after the incident.

The following will be discussed:
Summary of the Case and Pertinent Facts
Analysis of the Findings and Author’s Point of View
Probable Actions that Major Stakeholders Should or Should have not Taken
At the end of the paper, this research primarily works in rendering valuable information about the case study of Dahmer Apartments which are primarily set to answer the mysteries and questions with regard to the crime of Dahmer and its result that have brought to the building and/or the business.
Summary of the Case and Pertinent Facts
The main reason as to why the place has been called as Dahmer Apartments is mainly due to the fact that the building has been an instrument to a crime and it served as the main scene for Dahmer’s act of murder. The case of the apartment has started when the suspect, Jeffery Lyle Dahmer, who is one of the tenants in the building, has been arrested by the city police on July 22, 1991 for the crime of murder. He is suspected to have been storing and hiding the remains of his victims inside his apartment in the building. Throughout the long-winding process of trials and legal proceedings, Jeffery Lyle Dahmer has been convicted by the court guilty of the crime of murder and is sentenced to spend time inside the penitentiary. Dahmer died behind the bars from an assault from an inmate.
Certainly, the case of Dahmer Apartments does not end up in the death of the convict, Jeffery Lyle Dahmer. Instead, this is only the beginning of a bunch of problems for the building. Due to the crime which Dahmer has done in the building, the majority of the tenants have quickly decided to move into another place where their safety and security are guaranteed. True enough, it is undeniable that the crime which is now incorporated to the apartments, which is owned by a private party, has established anxieties and adversities for the building and/or business that have resulted in a massive drop of occupancy of about 83% in the shortest p of time after the incident and partly because that the building has diminished in its value. It further deteriorated with the current condition of the neighborhood wherein a higher rate of crime and drugs are just few of the major problems the Dahmer Apartments has further accumulated to defilement and bankruptcy.
Several years after the entire incident of crime and deterioration of the building, the Dahmer Apartment has been sold for a premium amount to one of the local non-profit group which primarily aims to restore and recreate a healthy and orderly neighborhood that is far from its previous negative imagery for the students and the university nearby the community. Due to the acquisition of the property, and of the desire of the victim’s families and community, the building has been demolished. One of the earlier proposed plans for the vacant lot is to build a recreational park but for some various reasons it did not materialize as profitability remains as the main concern for the said acquired property. In addition to this, another plan involves using it as a parking lot for nearby Telephone Company across the street. As of now, the empty site of the building still remains as a negative reminder of the past for the community about the tragedy and/or the crime and is surrounded by two new apartment buildings in both side of the vacant lot. Also read D esperate Air case analysis
Analysis of the Findings and Author’s Point of View
            In a sense, the findings presented in the case of Dahmer Apartment are treated factual and essential in illustrating the series of events that have happened, which have influenced the outcome of the entire subject matter. Thus, it is seen evident that the occurrence of crime in the apartment is one of the primary reasons as to why the building has experienced a decrease in occupancy and met business bankruptcy. However, it can also be cited that due to the current condition of the entire neighborhood, at that time where there is a higher rate in crime, disorder and existence of drugs are also included as among the probable reasons as to why the Dahmer apartment has lost a major number in occupancy. In addition to this, the diminished value of the building is as well far from impossible to be regarded as a major factor that contributes to the down-fall of the building, in terms of financial condition and rate of occupancy.
With regard to acquisition and proposed demolition plan of the Dahmer apartment, it is understandable that such notion is not intangible for the community more especially for the families of the victims as the building has indeed remains to be notable picture of tragedy that have happened in the neighborhood before. For a community that is undergoing a process of transformation, there is nothing astounding about the proposed demolition plan of the apartment where Dahmer has once lived for such move is included within the beautification project for the neighborhood. Nonetheless, the notion that the stigma-impacted properties are more difficult to sell but it is seen to be easier for rent remains to be of a vague statement as the vacant lot that Dahmer apartment occupied before still remains empty. It is yet to be used as a reliable source of profit and that the owner still managed to sell and earn for the building despite the stigma that is attached to the property. Above all, one thing is proven to be evident, which is that market has a greater influence in affecting the value of property, depending on the case and purpose of acquiring such property, which is seen to be highlighted in the case of Dahmer apartment.
Probable Actions that Major Stakeholders Should or should have not Taken
 As per the move of the real estate professional, it is reasonable and essential that the acquisition of the property, the Dahmer Apartment, is a must where it could be regarded as necessary in developing the community and/or the entire community for the sake of rendering local residence and the students from a nearby school a safe and decent neighborhood to live in. However, it is also a must that prior to the demolition of building there should be feasible plans that should take place to prove the profitability of the actions.
On the other hand, the notion of saving the building by means of restoring and restructuring the whole building according to the process of community transformation would also be a choice of decision in light of the crime has just happened in one of the units in that building. More especially, considering the fact that the community has been transforming to a widely populated neighborhood because of the growing number of student enrollees in every year to a nearby University, such choice could have been very well positive in anticipating the problem of residency for the student and/or the locals in the future. In such way, the adverse look and negative memory of that building, Dahmer Apartment, would not only be redefined but at the same time remind the people of that building to be a structure of hope and courage to move on regardless of what and how painful the events in the past have been. This would be better achieved should the building remained in the said area.
As for the actions that should have been taken by the parties involved, there should have been careful valuation of the land value associated with the sale of the building. What happened in the case study is that the grievances and the urge to remove the memories of crime have been placed above economic and financial concerns. Likewise, there should be consideration given before the building is demolished where the capital laid in constructing it has totally been wasted.
Moreover, this type of detriment is classified under the third category of Randal Bell, which includes distress and sociological conditions (Bell, 2007). As the stigma of crime is present within the neighborhood, an atmosphere of anxiety and fear is created over the property and affects the financial prospects within the building. With this, the potential of the land or infrastructure to become profitable is affected such that a situation of what happened remains within the minds of those who intend to be in the said area.
The case which discusses what happened to the Dahmer Apartment provides useful insights in studying potential situations and/or events that lead to detrimental conditions for a property. There are lessons that are to be learned from this case study for the purpose of investment in real estate.
Bell R. (2007). The bell chart: 10 categories of detrimental conditions. Retrieved February 5, 2009, from

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