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Published: 2021-07-01 04:43:26
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Lund and Captain Renault arriving at the airport to supposedly send Victor Laszlo off to Lisbon, Portugal. Rick Blaine meanwhile plans to send 'Sis off with her husband. The night before alls had c unfrosted Rick In his deserted cafe about the letters of transit and tries to force him at gunpoint to give them to her, but gives up saying she's unable to due to her still loving him.
She explain ins why she oft him without explanation which was because she felt she had to tend to her Ill huh ps who she had believed to have died escaping trot a concentration camp. Rick agrees to h alp leading her believe she will stay with him when Laszlo leaves. Laszlo shows up after narrowing escaping a police raid, and tries to persuade Rick to use the letters to take alls to safe TTY. When Renault arrives with an arrest warrant, Rick convinces him to release Laszlo by promo sing to set him up for the more serious crime of being in possession of the letters of transit.
Rick then forces him at gunpoint to assist in their escape. Upon arrival to the airport, Rick does NT give alls much of a choice to either board the plane with Laszlo or stay with him believing that she would regret it and that she needs to help Laszlo with his work. This choice is set up as her either sacrificing her love with Rick & leaving to be honorable for staying in her marriage or staying with him for uncertain future. The former option is emotionally satisfying as an end to thee r relationship s It's filled with honor, grace and dignity.

It's the ultimate resolution to their dilemma after having the perfect affair in Pans and then their bad timed reunion. Alga's "choice" at the end of the film Is not a matter of right or wrong. Whether or not alls chooses to stay In her marriage SSH old not be a matter of It being the right or wrong choice, rather It's her own personal decision w nether or not to choose to be happy and that would not have affected future events In a general SE nose.

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