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Published: 2021-07-01 04:34:46
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Stories have an Intriguing effect on life. They can Inspire, teach and comfort. Gamma, Abaca and Josef from the novel Briar Rose have all been affected and shaped through stories. Today, Ill try to help you all get an idea of how these three characters have been affected by stories and the results that come from it. These ideas have been supported through many literary techniques including symbolism, imagery, irony and allegory, all of which help convey the importance of stories for not Just these harassers, but also for us.
The story "Sleeping Beauty" represents Gamma and all the hardships she had faced in the past. She consistently repeats her story, despite Sylvia and Shania's protests in order to show how much it means to her, but at the same time, how she doesn't fully understand it herself; it's just like you repeating something until you understand it. The use of allegory and symbolism effectively links the story of "Sleeping Beauty' to Gamma's past and more Importantly, the Holocaust.
A clear example which shows his technique is when Gamma describes the bad fairy as "the one in big black boots and silver eagles in her hat. " The initial meaning to this is the description of the bad fairy, but as the story progresses, we find out that it was in fact a Nazi, given away by symbolism on the silver eagles. The use of allegory gives not Just a literal meaning to the antagonist depicted, but also a historical reference to the Nazi's during WWW.

Therefore, the Importance of stories to Gamma was vital, because even though It was en as Just a fairy-tale, It represented who she was. The experiences she had and the challenges she faced. Furthermore, as we learn more about Gamma's story, we start to empathic with her experiences which contributes towards the development of our understanding Stories have played a large role In Beech's actions and emotions. The story "Sleeping Beauty' helps by serving as a catalyst and answer to the problems she faces along the Journey.
During Beech's meeting with Josef where they fill In each others stones, wrought the use of imagery, they explore the conditions that Gamma and Josef experienced during the Holocaust. An effective example is when Josef discovers the heap of bodies that were gassed and tossed away, and describes one of his findings as seeing "a child no more than 3 or 4... On the very top of the heap(IPPP). " This example highlights the horrific experiences and conditions that were happening during the holocaust, as well as the Inhumane treatment of humans, regardless of age and gender.
Hence, stories have played a vital role in Beech's life as it opened her mind to the realities of life; where there are traumatizing acts happening around the world that even her own grandma was a part of it. And as for the effect on readers, through imagery we are able to connect to the text at an emotional level to understand and sympathies with the feelings that Abaca goes through. Closure of Gamma's past is found. As a character, Josef is depicted as the Prince due to the action of "kissing" Gamma to wake her up.
This links back to the story of "Sleeping Beauty', through the princess waking up from a kiss. This is shown when Josef is performing "it was into Josef mouth that she, at last, sputtered and coughed. " In this case however, a sense of irony is present. Josef is a homosexual, which contradicts with the stereotype image of a prince, being a man that's attracted to women. The use of irony contests the standard image of a prince, questioning the sexuality while also giving off a bit of humor. But not only does Josef sexuality provoke irony, but also touches on the historical context of the Holocaust.
It highlights he fact that Jews weren't the only ones that suffered during the way, different ethnic groups and homosexuals were also victims of the holocaust. Through the vital role of stories, Josef is able to reconnect with his past and be content knowing Gamma continued to live on in America. And as for the readers, we are once again further educated with the holocaust, specifically realizing that Jews weren't the only target. Through these three characters, with the aid of imagery, irony, allegory and symbolism, it is clearly shown their lives were shaped and influenced by stories.

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