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You would find forms such as Material Availability Reports, Production Order Forms, Material Requisition Forms, a Production Schedule, and Production Status Forms in the production/conversion cycle. 2) Garbage in garbage out means that if you only put garbage into the data processing cycle, or bad materials or inputs, then you will only get garbage out. You cannot start with bad inputs and expect to get great outputs.
To keep this from happening you need to focus on the Inputs that you are putting Into the cycle In order to create and be able to control better outputs. ) Documents that are turnaround documents are going to be forms that the company prints out and gives to an employee that needs to record information on it throughout the day and then input what he has recorded back into the company's computer system at the end of the day. One example would be a gas company who prints out forms and then the employ travels around to read customers meter numbers, he then records them and inputs them back into the computer.
Problems: 2) x-x-x-xx X, 1-4 Division X, 1-6 = Major Categories X, 0-9 = Control Account -99 = Subsidiary Accounts for each control account 44 expense accounts would be In the subsidiary accounts for the expense control account, and the 12 variable accounts would be under their appropriate control account. Problems: AAA. Purchase Request C] Purchase Order C] Order Confirmation D Delivery Order C] Receipt/Product Invoice CLC Posting to GAL. or Inventory System b. Sales Order C] Order Number 0 Delivery of Order, Receipt CLC Sales Invoice Posting Sale Transaction to GAL. and Remove Inventory c. Employee Contract Signed 0 Salary Report/Voucher

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