Battle of Hamel Argumentative Essay

Published: 2021-07-01 04:23:55
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July 4th 1918 in a small town of Hamel in northern France on the Western Front. There lay a joint offensive team consisting of Australians, Americans and British. They were there for one reason. To complete all objectives and defeat the Germans from a strong defensive position….. This was the battle of Hamel. Good morning/ afternoon today I will be talking to you about the battle of Hamel. How it is considered to be Significant and the significance of the role Australians played in it. Considered to be the most well prepared battle of the first world war” Quoted by historian John Laffin. The preparation was so great that all objectives were taken within 93 minutes of the battle starting. With less than 1000 Australian casualties 1600 German troop were captured along with their equipment. And so with the Germans Defenses down… The battle was won.
The significance of the role played by the Australians in the battle of Hamel was highly distinctive and effected two main areas; the strategy and tactics employed and the leadership. Firstly Australians had a great influence on the strategy and tactics employed through out the battle. Involving three main principles of warfare such as economy, massing and Unit of Command.
Using Frontal assault as their main strategy to penetrate the German lines, Artillery were used to perform a “creeping Barrage” Tactic. Providing cover for the units. The significance if this was it gave protection against the German machine guns which ended up extremely effective. Secondly Leadership.

Leadership was played out by the Australian through Lieutenant General John Monash, who planned and commanded the troop into battle. “Appointing Monash as a commander the key reason for success”. Quoted again by John Laffin. This shows us how the general was able to adapt to the changing nature of warfare, using only the available resource… had penetrated the enemy lines completing all objective.
The Battle of Hamel was significant in world war one for two main reason. Firstly it helped hinder Germany’s invasion in France and secondly the strategy and tactics used in the battle. Becoming the Blueprint used in future battles. Quoted by Thomas Cummins “With a battle well planned, Death will not be welcomed in war” Thank you.

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