Anne Bradstreet’s Prolougue and Contemplation

Published: 2021-07-01 04:50:11
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Thomas Dudley, took great importance in seeing that she received superior education to that of most women as he would befit It. As such, one can Infer that Anne Broadsheet had some type of grudge to the male dominant society she grew on. Her writing malignant hidden meaning In which casual readers would see the surface intentions of her poems and not offend any male readers.
However, inside her humble lyrics one can objectify flowing amounts of sarcasm, irony and active intensity towards male to female prejudice. This humble yet sarcastic tone can be seen in the poem as an indirect attack pointed towards the male world. These ironic intentions can be seen In the first stanza of Anne Breadbasket's' "The Prologue" where she states that her work Is simple and that she leaves historical recordings to others who have more skill, "To sing of wars, of captains, and of kings / Of cities founded, commonwealths begun For my mean pen are to superior things.. 1-3). Nevertheless, Madam Broadsheet would compare her supposed unrefined style as a toe with artist like Gallinule Barras which she enjoyed reading as described in the second stanza of "The Prologue": But when my wondering eyes and envious heart Great Barras sugared lines do but read offer, Fool I do grudge the Muses did not part 'Twixt him and me that over fluent store; A barras can do what a Barras will But simple I according to my skill. " (7-12) In the first ten stanzas of "Contemplations" Anne Broadsheet shows her mastery of poetic language and stylistic devices. Mrs..
Broadsheet praises the glory of God's work; Ewing nature, life and the place that man occupies. In the fourth stanza of Mrs.. Breadbasket's "Contemplation" one can notice such praise of the elements of the natural world, "Then higher on the glistening sun I gazed, / whose beams was shaded by the leafy tree; / The more I looked, the more I grew amazed, And softly said, "What glory's like to thee? " ... (22-25). Therefore, whether Anne Broadsheet did or did not write poems like "The Prologue" or "Contemplation" to please her father; such point does not change how we read her poetry.

Anne Broadsheet mastery of titlists techniques, multiple meanings and language use in poetry streamline the way readers can Indulge oneself In her lyrical work. Such complex style of poetry Is a testament of Anne Broadsheet skill as an artist to be viewed with the likes of Gallinule Barras, Wayne Franklin, among others. Work Cited Broadsheet, Anne. "Contemplation" The Norton Anthology: American Literature shorter 7th edition. De. Julia Redhead. New York: W. W Norton & Company, Inc. , 2008. 99-106. Print. De. Julia Redhead. New York: W. W Norton & Company, Inc. , 2008. 98-99. Print.

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