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Published: 2021-07-01 04:22:28
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In ancient Greece, Music was an important thing for the pattern and texture of Greek life. It was played at weddings, funerals, religious festivals, gatherings and etc. Although Ancient Greeks were familiar with a vast amount of instruments, they favored three particular instruments which are the Kithara, the Lyre, and the Aulos. Instrumental music or the singing of a hymn was included in everyday activities and formal acts of worship.
Of Greek philosophers believe that there is a relationship between music and mathematics, as they envisioned music as a concept of harmonious order reflecting the cosmos and human soul. Many people in Ancient Greece had a liking for sports, most of the men and boys trained/played sports religiously. Olympia, which is a city in Greece, was a known place for athletics in Ancient Greece. The very first Olympic Games were held in Olympia and that was in 776 BC, therefore Greece is the home city for Olympic Games. The Olympic Games were played in honor of Zeus, who was a Greek God.
The games were held every four years and it was a very important even for the Greeks. The tradition of Olympic Games still lives till this day. Woman in Ancient Greek were known to be secluded. They had no say in many things. These women went through many ordeals in their life. Most women in Ancient Greece didn’t have a right to decide whom they wanted to marry. Marriage for woman in Ancient Greece was like a transaction/ business exchange between two men. The circumstances of gaining inheritance were limited for a female.

Wives could not inherit money from their husbands and daughters couldn’t inherit property from their fathers, one of the few ways a female could inherit property was through a male sibling. Also, in Ancient Greece, the social life of a female was limited to none. Most women were not allowed to participate in events that involved men. A wife’s social life’s was controlled by her husband. One of the main roles for these women was to bore children, and that was a difficult task for them. In Ancient Greece, Women’s rights were unequivalent to men’s rights.

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