AMD’s Employee Relations

Published: 2021-07-01 04:51:32
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Working as a group and team work is highly emphasized at AMD and is an integral part of AMD's culture. AMD believes that respecting diversity and differences in employees is essential to enhance the efforts of the group. AMD has an ongoing commitment to provide a diverse workplace that works for everyone. AMD is actively sponsoring nationally-run conferences, offering pertinent information and resources to all employees, and implementing effective development programs. AMD has also made several partnerships with diversity and minority groups such as: Black Data Processing Administrators (BDPA), Mexican American Engineers and Scientists (MAES), the Network of Indian Professionals (NetIP), Society of Women Engineers (SWE), and Women In Technology International (WITI).
AMD values learning as a lifelong process. Hence, AMD offers their employees opportunities to continue learning and opportunities to advance their career. The company provides many classroom-training experiences as well as computer-based training opportunities. Topics covered include computer skills, interpersonal skill development, engineering, AMD's culture, and management development.
In addition, AMD encourages employees to pursue higher education that will benefit both the employee and the company. The company provides an annual reimbursement amount for tuition and books for employees who successfully complete undergraduate or graduate courses while working toward a degree. Unique educational opportunities are also available onsite at AMD through special MBA programs and technical graduate degree programs. AMD also provides career development with an onsite career facility that offers a resource library, on-line learning lab and an on site career coach and counselor.

Working at AMD is like working with a community. AMD believes that great minds deserve a great environment. AMD believes that if employees have fun together, they will work better together. On site at AMD's headquarters is a health and fitness center. AMD also has golf, basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, and ping pong leagues. AMD promotes creative outlets as well, and employees can join a theater appreciation group, the corporate choir, or participate in annual photography contests. AMD also holds annual ski trips, sailing trips, and other various outings. AMD hopes the perks and recreational outlets offered will motivate employees to pursue their passions outside the workplace, as well as pursuing goals inside the workplace.
Intel Corporation and Advance Micro Devices Inc. are the most well-known firms in the semiconductor industry, and the companies can be compared and contrasted by looking at their corporate culture, corporate strategies, and employee relations. As of the present, Intel wears the crown in the industry and shows no signs of wavering. Intel has a reputation of integrity and stability. AMD, on the other hand, has developed a reputation of quality products for lower prices. However, AMD's struggle to compete in the industry has produced oscillating performance and a lack of innovation.
AMD's people centric belief has made the AMD name known and has given the company a slight edge. Despite AMD's efforts, however, Intel's dominance and abundance of resources allows Intel to offer better products with better support. While will likely continue Intel is a stable conglomerate dominating the market, AMD will most likely continue to struggle to maintain itself in the industry. Each company has their own set of loyal customers, while the rest of the consumers desperately try to decide who has the better offering.
While both companies are organized and operate in completely different ways, in the end it is the products and the products alone that attract the customers. As long as Intel continues to produce high-speed, stable innovations, then the firm will remain in the semiconductor throne. Meanwhile, AMD will continue to persevere and try to make its mark in an Intel dominated world.
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