Allah – the Almighty, the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

Published: 2021-07-01 04:53:23
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This earth whereupon we live and breathe, the sky wherein we look at the numerous stars of small and large sizes twinkling, the sun that blazes and gives us light and energy, the moon that emits soothing lights and allures us and above all numerous other beings that we see around us; the twittering of birds, the cattle grazing in the vast pastures, the air which is utmost essential for our survival, the mountains whereupon we go for recreation and touring purposes, the eruption of volcanoes, the gliding waves of rivers, the bulging, frothing and roaring water of the oceans, the pointed cliffs and high and low ridges of the mountains, the calm and quiet vales and dales, the vast unlimited dry sandy tracts of the deserts blooming wherein flowers in the thorny bushes; all these things to whom we can see with our eyes and that are beyond our sight tell us that there is an Almighty being who has created all these things and running all the matters of this universe and all other universes to whom we have not been able to get to by now despite so much advancement of the present day society, make us know that it is He the Almighty Allah who is administering all beings, material or immaterial,  alluring or non-alluring, fanciful or otherwise, being or non-being,  all the bounties essential to the human beings with much ease and comfort and whatever qualms and colours, hue and queue occurs in this world is of the Commandments of His supreme Being, who is One and Alone and none else is like Him and to whom all purities and praises belong to Him. The more we, as being human beings, think of him come to know that it is He,  the Allah Alone and Almighty, who has made this earth and its beings and other universes that are off of our vision and sight. The coming of seasons and its turning into the summer into fall, fall into the spring, spring into winter and winter into rainy season, and all the bliss and bounties that take place out of this change and whose benefit we get in the form of corns, fruits and cereals and what not and it is He who has accorded us the title of Ashraful Makhlooqaat, the superior being among all other beings of the universe.
The whole universe that is in our sight and beyond is subservient and subordinate to His Command and Will who is the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious and the Most Powerful than all other beings. His blessing and bounties are in abundance. He has given us tongue to speak of, eyes to see to, ear to listen to, and legs to move and walk from one place to another place and above all the brain to ponder over, to utilize according to our own contemplation so that we could ponder over His Being who is One and none else is like Him and all other things and beings that He has created for our use and utilization. If anything among His bounties we get loss we cannot regain that if He doesn’t intend so but if He wills we can have; time and tide does not affect on it.
It is the common perception, such as, a patient who cannot see, since the doctor has operated upon his eye successfully so he has gained his vision but it is not so rather it is Allah who gave the wisdom to a doctor that he became able to operate upon successfully and hence the patient regained his vision and not the doctor who operated upon but the Allah who willed so and therefore the cure took place. If Allah didn’t will so there was none on the earth to recover his eyesight. In the like manner, whatever changes and vicissitudes and ups and downs take place anywhere in this world all that happen owing to His Commandments and Wills and not due to any other being whatever powerful that might be.

He is so merciful and gracious that he demands us nothing except that we, the human beings, obey his Commandments and Orders as he desires of us so that he could shower his blessings and benedictions that he has created for those who obey him without nay and oblige him with much sincerity and uprightness and who serve his other beings according to his commandments and guidance as he has laid down in the Holy Quran and as to which the Holy Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) has preached and practiced and has asked us the human beings to act upon. We, being true Muslim, must adhere to His All Commandments by the core of our hearts so that He may forgive us; bestow on us His numerous bounties in this world and the world hereafter.

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