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Published: 2021-07-01 05:02:29
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5G is a wireless communication and it is updated version from 4G, but it has higher speed reach to 10Gbps. : 1GThe first generation appeared in the early 1980s. Its data rate is 4.2 kbps. It has a lot of flaws Like :Store and listen to voice calls through a third party[1].: 2GThe second generation emerged in the late 1990s. Its data rate reaches 64 kbps.
It has many features such as: long battery life for low-power radio signals and many services such as SMS and e-mail[1].:3GThis generation emerged in late 2000. It transmits data at up to 2 Mbps. It has been improved in an unconventional way to maintain and provide quality services.
One of its advantages is that it has many amenities such as global roaming and sound quality but requires more power compared to the second generation[1].3.75G:LTE and the worldwide microwave interface Access (WIMAX) is the future of mobile data services.

LTE and WIMAX constant has the ability to providing facilities for a large number of users to access a wide range of high speed services Such as on-demand video, and peer-to-peer file sharing Composite Web Services.
It also allows operators to manage their network in a very homogeneous manner and provide better coverage while improving it to perform at a lower cost[1].4G:The fourth generation is generally referred to as the scion of 3G and second generation standards.
It transfers amenities such as voice, data, and multimedia to subscribersEverywhere and at higher data rates than in previous generations[1].What is 5G ?5G is a combination or amalgamation of all previous Generations that are 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi with higher capabilities in terms of coverage and reliability. It converges these technologies to increase number of devices and calls and promises in providing higher coverage, availability and M2M service[2].

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